Introduction to Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Truss Event

On Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021, Truss Beverage Co., producer of cannabis-infused beverages in Canada, kicked off their new ‘Local Cannabis Beverage Outlet’ campaign at our Osgoode Outpost in Toronto. The goal of this campaign is to draw attention to the challenges cannabis retailers are facing – which greatly differ from other adult beverage retailers – and reminds legal-age consumers that the LCBO is not the only store selling beverages this summer.

The campaign was to ask Canadians to reimagine their cannabis retailer as a ‘Local Cannabis Beverage Outlet’, reminding them that we sell drinks too but they’re just a different kind. Come to your local Miss Jones Outpost, we are here to educate, answer questions, and help you explore the world of cannabis-infused beverages. 

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What are cannabis beverages?

Cannabis-infused beverages come in many flavours and varieties such as sparkling or flat waters, ready-made teas, and tea bags, all containing THC, CBD, or both.

If you are looking for alternative options to alcohol, cannabis-infused beverages are a great option. Similar to alcohol that has a range of low-ABV to high-ABV options, cannabis beverages offer a wide variety of dosing, from microdose to medium-high dose, to serve a range of experience levels. Whatever your comfort level, we have a drink for you. 


Why should you talk to a budtender? 

Miss Jones Outposts are an in-person environment where you (if you are of legal age) can come to learn about cannabis products, explore the diverse range of products available and ask questions. Our outposts exist to give you carefully curated cannabis products & experiences, in addition to any answers & advice you may be looking for.


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