The Ultimate Cannabis Cottage Weekend Guide

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Summer’s almost over and we’re all trying to make the most of those last few weekends… vacations or staycations.

When going away, we pack the easiest and most minimal things so here’s what’s in our backpack this weekend. Luckily you can travel anywhere in Canada with cannabis.



Avoid the worry of not having a joint ready when you need one. These new Redecan Redees are a 10 pack of 0.35g pre-rolls, packed in slim package small enough to fit in your pocket. Something for the whole group can enjoy.







Jane West Classic Dugout

This is the perfect piece to have with you at all times. The sleek stainless-steel container holds your cannabis plus a one-hitter, herb pic and lighter. Everything you need on-the-go. Grind up some cannabis, fill up the main compartment and then leave the grinders and papers at home. The final perk – the whole thing is smell proof.








Finally, for your smokeless alternative, stock up on a variety of sour gummies or chocolates for those of you who want something sweeter.  We’re loving the Sour Cherry Soft Chew from Affirma, it’s one big gummy with 10mg of THC. For less of high and better points in the friendship department, try out the Aurora Drift chocolate when you’re making s’mores around the campfire. They come in 5 pieces with 2mg of THC each.





Hope to see you at Miss Jones before the weekend gets started!




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