What’s Good? Sativa, Indica or Hybrid

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What’s your preferred strain of cannabis?

With cannabis, there are three main groups; Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

With each of these groups, they are known to have different physiological effects when consumed. A Sativa strain is something you may want to purchase if you plan to consume it during the day. It’s known to give you a more energized and focus high while still allowing you to be social.

Indica strains are known to give you the opposing effects of Sativa when consumed. When consuming an Indica strain, you may feel a body high with a sense of relaxation and calmness. This type of cannabis is often used late afternoon or before bed to enjoy a night’s rest. If you are looking to have an increased appetite, Indica is perfect for you. Along with its sense of relaxation comes what people like to call “the munchies” – you know, those late-night walks to the kitchen to eat whatever snacks you can find.

Hybrid strains are more unique as you get a crossbreed between an Indica and a Sativa plant. Depending if the hybrid is Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant, you are likely to feel the physiological properties associated with either.

In addition to different physiological effects, Sativa and Indica strains also differ in appearance that can be detected with the naked eye if you ever get the chance to see a cannabis plant before it is dried out. In general, Sativa plants are taller and slimmer with narrow leaves while Indica plants are shorter and wider with bushier leaves.

Everyone’s experience with the strains can be different and can have many affecting factors to it which is why it’s always important to start low and go slow.

Xo, Miss Jones


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